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Ken Kopp

Ken is St. Louis Flight Training's owner. He is a retired USAF C-130 Navigator and Instrument Rated Private Pilot with a passion for all things aviation.


John Cosgrove

John started working with STL Flight Training Inc. in March of 2018. He holds a current flight instructor certificate, and a commercial pilot certificate with instrument, single-engine and multi-engine ratings. A rising senior at Saint Louis University, John has been flying since 2014, with experience in Cessna, Cirrus, Daher-Socata, Diamond, and Piper single and multi-engine aircraft. John has a passion for aviation that is made clear during every flight. Outside of aviation, John is very involved in his faith life, and enjoys working on his golf game.


Giff Bosche

Giff is an Air Force veteran. His diverse aviation experience spans 20 years and includes over 4,000 flight hours between the E-3A/B/C Sentry and KC-10A Extender, as well as over 750 hours piloting small general aviation aircraft. Giff is an instrument rated single and multi-engine land commercial pilot and holds flight instructor, advanced ground instructor, and instrument ground instructor certificates. He is also a trained aviation safety professional and has a passion for building and promoting just safety culture in aviation organizations.