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Discovery Flights

Book your Discovery Flight Today! Choose between a full one hour discovery flight or a shorter half hour option. Note: Our aircrafts can accommodate an additional 2 passengers (or up to 400 lbs of total weight for all passengers)

This is it! You're in the pilot seat! You and your Flight Instructor run through the checklists and position the plane on the runway. As you begin to build up speed, YOU have the option of lifting us into the air, a feeling you will never forget!

As you climb out to the east over the Bluffs of the Mississippi, you can control the airplane as you do some gentle climbs and turns while enjoying the beauty of flight. All under the supervision of an experienced Flight Instructor.

When you return for landing, you will have a great view of the St. Louis Gateway Arch and Downtown. Your instructor will take over for a smooth landing back at the airport.


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