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Get Your Wings

What We Offer

  • Private Pilot Course

  • Complex Add-On

  • Instrument Rating Course

  • Commercial Pilot Course

Flying Sessions

Sessions generally last 2 hours. A standard flight lesson involves 10-15 minutes of pre-flight briefing, 45-90 minutes of flying, and 10-15 minutes of debrief. We recommend a minimum of one session per week with 2-3x per week being ideal. 

Ground Study

You have the choice of video or textbook based home study. St. Louis Flight Training recommends the Cessna/King Private Pilot Course. 

For the cheaper option, we offer a text based curriculum combined with ASA Private Pilot Course. 

We employ "integrated" flight training which combines self study material in combination with 1 on 1 review. Study and fly at your own pace!

Pilot Requirements

A pilot may start flying at any age, but must be: 

-16 years of age to fly solo
-17 years of age to receive their private pilot certificate

One must also have: 

-A Third Class Medical Certificate

-At least 40 hours total flight time, consisting of; 
-At least 20 hours of flight time with an instructor
-At least 10 hours of solo flight time
-Pass an FAA written test
-Pass an Oral and Flight exam