St. Louis Flight Training Staff
Corey Tomczak

Corey Tomczak is St. Louis Flight Training's chief flight instructor and flight school owner.  He has over 4000 Hours, 10 years of teaching and 3 jet type ratings. He is a part time flight instructor for St. Louis Flight Training, along with the position of manager. Corey also flies and manages corporate aircraft in St. Louis. Outside of aviation he enjoys travelling, volleyball and fast cars!

Ken Kellogg

Ken has a wealth of experience with over 5000 hours of flight instruction and has been honored as flight instructor of the year in St. Louis! He was an instructor in the military and now enjoys teaching everyone. Students take a great liking to Ken.

John Padua

John caught the flying bug early in his life earning his Private Pilot Certificate in 2012. He now holds Commercial Pilot Single/Multi-engine ratings as well as Flight Instructor/Flight Instructor - Instrument ratings. He is also a graduate of Parks College of Saint Louis University where he flight instructed for two years as a student. After finishing a recent stint working for American Airlines, John has returned to the St. Louis doing what he loves: flying! An aspiring professional pilot, John loves spreading his passion for aviation to other people. He enjoys teaching and helping students achieve their dreams. Outside of aviation, John plays Ultimate Frisbee and the guitar.

Josh Vinson

Josh is a part time instructor with his CFI, CFII, MEI, and ATP ratings.  He currently works as Executive Vice President with Gateway Jets while flying multiple turbine aircraft for local businesses.  Josh previously worked for a commuter airline in the Northeast and Caribbean. In addition to aviation Josh has a strong business sense include a venture in organic worm farming/fertilizer.

Lacey Tomczak

Lacey is St. Louis Flight Trainings accountant and assistant. She is also a budding pilot and our first female to solo at our school! Outside of aviation she enjoys cross country running and scuba diving.