St. Louis Flight Training 

1979 Cessna 172N

Equipment: IFR, Garmin 430 WAAS, ILS, VOR 180HP Engine 

Cruise Speed: 117Kts @ 2500RPM at 7,000 FT, 8.2GPH

Weight And Balance:
Useful Load: 981.5lbs
Max T/O: 2550
Empty Weight: 1568.5
Empty Moment:
Empty Weight CG: 38.39


1979 Cessna 152 II

Equipment: Garmin 296, IFR, ILS G/S, VOR, 2 Digital Nav/Coms

Cruise Speed: 95Kts @ 2300RPM at 6,000 FT, 4.9 GPH Standard Day

Weight And Balance:
Useful Load: 494.69lbs
Max T/O: 1670lbs
Empty Weight: 1175.31lbs
Empty Moment: 34,833.30
Empty Weight CG: 29.64​​