St. Louis Flight Training 
Fly For a Living!
Let St. Louis Flight Training be the first step on the way to your dream career as a Professional Pilot. We have on staff a current Corporate Pilot and an Ex-Military Pilot and all our CFI's have a wealth of real world experience.

St. Louis offers decent year round flying weather with enough variation to provide a great foundation for Instrument flying skills. Much of our training is done at your own pace allowing you to make the most of your time and money.

The most common route is to complete your Private, Instrument and Commercial ratings, then move on to become a Certified Flight Instructor. Once you're a CFI, you are now getting PAID to FLY while building hours and experience. We hire our graduates to become instructors upon completion.

Once sufficient hours are built (500-1500 depending on the work sought) a Pilot may advance their career into corporate, charter, or regional airline positions. You will be copilot and build a whole additional realm of experience in larger, usually turbine aircraft.

There pilot shortage has started! There is no better time than now to take the first step in realizing your dream job!
College Connection

All of the ratings we offer can be completed on your own without any formal college material.

Some students wish to receive an associates degree in addition to the FAA ratings they receive. We have the perfect fit for that! Southwest Illinois College (SWIC) offers a GREAT professional pilot degree.

SWIC offers pilots an affordable way to supplement their ratings with a degree. They also offer top notch simulators which will help you sharpen your instrument flying skills.
Information can be found here
SWIC Aviation Program

Do I need a degree? The short answer is no. Hours, Hours, Hours. When applying for a pilot position employers consider heavily how many hours one has, and which types of airplanes have been flown.  Other than a select few airlines, the majority of corporate,charter, and airlines do not require a degree.  Having a degree can decrease the number of flight hours needed to fly for the airlines under the new 1500 hour rule.