St. Louis Flight Training 
The Chief Flight Instructor

Corey Tomczak is St. Louis Flight Training's chief flight instructor. He had the dream of flying since 5 years old and now has many years of professional pilot experience. Corey holds a Citation Jet type rating, Embraer Phenom 100 Type rating, and King Air 350 Type rating. He has experience in aircraft ranging from experimental homebuilt airplanes to 9 seat corporate jets. Every flight is considered a joy and treated with respect. He has a passion for flying that he wants to pass on to you! For his honeymoon Corey received his European Private Pilot License and flew down the Adriatic Coast of Slovenia and Croatia with his new wife in a 172.

The Aircraft

We have 2 great aircraft!  Just arrived - Cessna 172 180HP engine with Garmin 430 WAAS!  Perfect travel aircraft and great trainer. Carry an extra 100 pounds of family and friends with the 180HP addition, and get there quicker!  Learn advanced GPS instrument flying with the state of the art Garmin GPS!

We also​​ have an IFR Cessna 152 II with an ILS receiver, and equipped with David Clark headsets, no muffled headsets here! We equip our planes with Garmin color moving map GPS's. The high wing design affords excellent views combined with ease of landing characteristics.

​​The aircraft are inspected by rigorous FAA standards. The interior of the aircraft are newer.  Come see why pilots have been training in the Cessna line of aircraft for over 50 years! We also have a larger Cessna 172, faster, wider, and more power!
*Cessna 152 200lb student weight limit


Our Philosophy

At St. Louis Flight Training we believe everyone should have access to affordable and detailed flight training. Emphasis is put on safety, real world scenarios, and of course the reason you are doing this, ENJOYMENT! We start with the basics and make sure YOU are comfortable in the airplane, then compound each lesson with exciting new challenges. There is no "glass cockpit" here, we teach the fundamentals of simple and advanced techniques that can easily be applied to complex aircraft. Learning this way provides a stable foundation of piloting skills.